To Err is Human... To Forgive Ignorance is Divine

Ye Love One Another...

Some time ago, I read a Facebook post from an LGBT group about several subjects. Among them, there was a topic that caught up my attention. It was a text saying that Jesus's teachings don't say anything about homo affective relationships, then Christians should do the same and stop talking about it.

Since I was not inside the head of the pastor that wrote that, I can't say exactly what h was thinking at that moment. But my guess is that he was trying to show, through his words, that the question about homosexuality is a minor subject in Christianity. I mean, it shouldn't be of great concern, once it was not in Jesus's agenda when he walked among us. At least this is what we can figure when we read the Gospels.

My point is not how important it is, or it is not, to talk about homosexuality. I have a very different opinion myself, and I know that most Christians would disagree with it.

The subject that I want to get into, and not that deep, is the plurality of confessions in Christianity. I mean, there are many types of Christians, different groups, as well as not every Atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist are equal. Every Christian try to find a Church with a tradition that meets some conceptions that the person already has inside of them.

Some traditions use the teachings attributed to the Christ as a parameter of their Faith: if the entire Bible isn't in accordance with what would be the "word of Jesus," it is not valid as a rule of their Faith. In the other hand, other traditions prefer to preserve other teachings that written by other prominent Christians throughout History, observing what their faith ancestor determined as a rule. In such way, that people keep some kind of controversial characteristics. For instance, there are some Biblical texts, in both Old and New Testaments, that condemn homosexuality.

The question is, how much weight do these texts that talk about homosexuality should be valid to us today? And more, are those passages in agreement with Jesus teachings? If yes, how much of it?

These questions afflict me since I don't wanna put people apart of knowing God by themselves. But I am also concerned about not teaching the truth about God.

However, I am sure about one thing: whether I am right or wrong, I know that God will forgive me for my ignorance on the subject, since it is not clear for me, and any of the theological theoretics convinced me of what is right or wrong. Moreover, if I am going to make mistakes, I do prefer to err by bringing people closer to God rather than putting them out of His sight. It means that it does not matter if a person is homosexual or not, God will accept them. And God, through the Holy Spirit, is powerful enough to talk to the people and change whatever is necessary, if there is really anything needed to be changed.

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