Small Stuff, Big Problem

The zipper: so little, so difficult to deal with...
I think there is few moments in life which we get more afflicted than when your clothes’ zipper get stuck, like, how could I say, when its little handle gets bending to one side and you have to take extra care to put it back without breaking it.

I mean, it’s very difficult since, if you put too much pressure on it, it’ll break, but if you don’t force it enough, it’ll never get back in place.

Life is like this, am I right?

Most situations in life is like a stuck zipper little handle. If you put too much pressure, you break it, but if you don’t push it enough, it’ll never work.

When I say this, what comes to my mind are those moments when I have to give directions to my son, or teach him about something wrong that he did.

He is 5 years old.

If I am too soft, he never does what I am saying. If, otherwise, I am too harsh, he’ll never go into it as well, and I will make him very sad, and it goes throughout the day like a snowball.

This is it. Only a few words.

I just couldn’t let it go and not sharing.

Maybe these thoughts help you to think about those moments in your life that you have to put an extra effort to make things right, but you have to go with care, or you ruin everything.

Is there any situation in your life that you should treat like a stuck zipper little handle?