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To Err is Human... To Forgive Ignorance is Divine

Some time ago, I read a Facebook post from an LGBT group about several subjects. Among them, there was a topic that caught up my attention. It was a text saying that Jesus's teachings don't say anything about homo affective relationships, then Christians should do the same and stop talking about it.

Since I was not inside the head of the pastor that wrote that, I can't say exactly what h was thinking at that moment. But my guess is that he was trying to show, through his words, that the question about homosexuality is a minor subject in Christianity. I mean, it shouldn't be of great concern, once it was not in Jesus's agenda when he walked among us. At least this is what we can figure when we read the Gospels.

My point is not how important it is, or it is not, to talk about homosexuality. I have a very different opinion myself, and I know that most Christians would disagree with it.

The subject that I want to get into, and not that deep, is the plurality of confes…

A Worldwide Nation of Supposed English Speakers

Hey you, you that speak English as your mother tongue. You from the USA, from Canada, UK or Australia, or any other country whose English is the first official language. Have you ever thought how English spoken media is so worldwide spread and famous even when people don't understand what it's been saying?
I mean, we use to dub movies in our language (in my case, dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese), but have you ever thought about how could a non-English speaking audience understand songs written and sung in English?
We simply don’t.
And it creates a funny, sometimes weird situation where people invent sounds with their mouth to fill in the song lyrics that don’t exist in either English or Portuguese.
It becomes funny because it sounds too weird. However, it can tell us how people from non-English speaking countries make a very extra effort to fit into the Western, English-spoken World.
I don’t want to write about exploitation and “cultural domination.” But you would be amazed (maybe s…

Small Stuff, Big Problem

I think there is few moments in life which we get more afflicted than when your clothes’ zipper get stuck, like, how could I say, when its little handle gets bending to one side and you have to take extra care to put it back without breaking it.

I mean, it’s very difficult since, if you put too much pressure on it, it’ll break, but if you don’t force it enough, it’ll never get back in place.

Life is like this, am I right?

Most situations in life is like a stuck zipper little handle. If you put too much pressure, you break it, but if you don’t push it enough, it’ll never work.

When I say this, what comes to my mind are those moments when I have to give directions to my son, or teach him about something wrong that he did.

He is 5 years old.

If I am too soft, he never does what I am saying. If, otherwise, I am too harsh, he’ll never go into it as well, and I will make him very sad, and it goes throughout the day like a snowball.

This is it. Only a few words.

I just couldn’t let it go an…


So, let’s see if it’s working again for sure. Apparently, yes.

I'm pressing all keys. I’m writing nonsense stuff right now, such thing like "Master Yoda was here." I’m filling up this space with meaningless symbols, such as asterisks (*), ampersands (&), math signs like "-" or "+," or even "=," just to see if the keyboard is working properly. The only keys that I can’t use are the “function” (f) keys because there is no need to use them. Sincerely, I'd like to meet people that efficiently use such function keys. C’mon! People don’t use this, unless they're using a laptop. Furthermore, those function keys enable shortcuts like "Fn" + an "F" key (those Keys at the top of the keyboard, with numbers from 1 to 12 (“F1”, “F2”...).

Well, apparently my keyboard is fully functional again. This is amazing! I thought I would never be able to use it again, and I was struggling to use an external keyboard. There are some t…

And what if I start writing in English?

I am really into it: writing in English.
Why? Well, it's a way to practice my broken English and to reach a wider audience.

I can write about my life, about how things are going here in Brazil, tell and show you something about my neighbourhood, how I deal with daily problems and so.

And you that is arriving at my blog just now, would you like to know about the life of someone from other country, and how a guy from Brazil sees World and its problems?

Let me know it! I'd be glad if you tell me down in the comments if there is something interesting that a guy from South America could share with you ;)