This One is for The Mom.

I would like to apologize myself to my Brazilian and non English readers, but this time I have to write in English to express myself to somebody was very important in my life. By all these four years, since I visited UK, I've never written anything about the time I was there. There was a good time, a time of lazyness (it's cuz I was on vacation). I met lots of people that I'll forget anymore: Britishes, Arabians, Germans, Frenches, Spanishes, Arabians, Chineses, Coreans. With them I could understand many different cultures and ways of thinking. I could learn being less racist (of course every human being is racist); I learnt that not the Arabian, or not the Russian, is crazy, but someones of every people are bad and others are not. It was school for me. I could of course understand and learn about British people too. I learnt that they commonly kill themselves when they are sad, that they get extremelly sick of the winter so they can do nothing than be in their homes (it's boring a lot). Of course I learnt that Brithish people can be very friends. In deed, I didn't learn it from every Britosh I met. I did learn it from one woman. She Tought us (me and my fiancee) that we can smile everytime we want, cuz she was everyday smiling. We could know her plays, like solving puzzles. She was the one that made us fell ourselves as in our home. She gave us all support we needed and untill today we have got many good laughs with her emails. Her name is Christina, a so valuable woman whose the name we keep in constant praying and that we hope to see again. This message is for you, mum. Thank you for everything you have made for us. Amauri & Sandra.

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